Based on the maritime field,with a professional and stable R&D team as its core competitiveness.Based on the electronic chart engine technology with completely independent intellectual property rights,we provides integral solutions for ship navigation and maritime information integration enterprises on ship navigation equipment and ship to shore informatization.

professional team

Founded by returnees overseas and Tsinghua students,the company has been adhering to independent innovation since its inception and has won a series of honors and qualificaitons.

good after-sales service

Equipped with 7*24 customer service staff to continuously improve the level and quality of customer service.We try our best to make sure our customers get the best after-sales service.

NR 2008 ECDIS Kernel ECDIS Kernel

NR2008 ECDIS Kernel is an excellent electronic chart development and information system (ECDIS) core software development kit that can help OEMs quickly develop marine electronics or electronic chart-based applications. The engine adopts a modular structure, which can be selected according to the user's product or application requirements, and can be selected from various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, IOS, Android etc., and supports B/S architecture. So far,more than 50 applications has used our NR2008 ECDIS Kernel. We also provide users with project development and product certification consulting services based on NR2008 ECDIS Kernel.


E-Navigation uses a unified “collection”, “integration”, “exchange” to display and analyze ship data, while on the shore, through informational intelligence to enhance berth navigation, ship driving and related services, and to protect the marine environment. Focusing on a number of optimization solutions, such as"Improvement, coordination and friendliness", "Means of standardization and automated reporting", "Improving the reliability, flexibility and integrity of bridge equipment and navigation information", "Integration of information available in graphical displays received via communication devices" and “presenting communication with improved VTS services”, serving “global”, “coastal countries, flag states and ports”, “branch offices, organizations and industries”, “onboard users” ".

NuoRui Port Manage System

The ship monitoring and port management system is a software system that integrates electronic chart and AIS information display. It can not only display electronic charts, but also integrate information from AIS (Automatic Identification System) sensors. According to the ship's speed and heading, combined with the tide data, the specified route and other information to predict the time when the ship enters the dangerous area, and make an early warning.


The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) involves many international regulations, with long development and certification cycles and high risks. The mandatory installation period of ECDIS equipment has already started. Therefore, based on the core technology NR2008 ECDIS Kernel, we have developed the standard electronic chart display and information system NRECDIS to meet international standards, and provide the ship's communication equipment manufacturers with a total solution for ECDIS equipment, and work together with the shipowners and shipping companies in the implementation of ECDIS equipment installation.


The chart comprehensive service platform is an information platform covering “select map”, “purchase chart”, “automatic update”, “accounting” and “route library”. As the first platform in China to complete the docking with “UKHO”, it can not only handle a variety of charts, but also improve the overall efficiency of chart services. At present, it has serviced 30+ companies and 300+ ships.

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